About BRE China

In 2011, Premier Li Keqiang visited BRE’s headquarters in London and the Innovation Park when he visited the UK. After a detailed understanding of the Innovation Park, Premier Li Keqiang proposed to BRE to assist China in achieving sustainable development, improving building standards and achieving low-carbon development.

BRE Group officially established BRE China in 2016, and its focus has been on the requirements of Premier Li Keqiang for BRE:

  1. Assist China in developing green building innovation parks and key green building projects
  2. Help improve the national Samsung Green Building Standard
  3. Assist Chinese companies to enter Europe

In 2015, BRE cooperated with Tsinghua Holding New Economy Development and Gui’an New District to set up BRE’s first innovation park in China in the Gui’an New District of Guizhou Province to demonstrate the possibility of “zero carbon” demonstration building environment. The establishment of BRE Gui’an Innovation Park also marks China’s formal participation in BRE’s Research Network for Building Environment Innovation Park.

In January 2019, BRE signed a cooperation agreement with the Chinese Society for Urban Studies. The two sides will actively promote the mutual recognition of the British BREEAM Green Building Evaluation System and the China Green Building Evaluation Standard.

In March 2019, Shenzhen Housing and Construction Bureau, BRE and Shenzhen Nottingham Institute for Sustainable Development Co., Ltd. jointly signed the Memorandum of Cooperation on Green Building and Sustainable Development at the 15th Green Building Conference. According to the content of the memorandum, the three parties will jointly promote cooperation in the field of green building and urban sustainable development, expand cooperation areas, improve the level of cooperation, and find alternatives in the Shenzhen Green Building Evaluation Standard and the UK Green Building Evaluation Standard to form an executable file. . To this end, the three parties will cooperate in five areas including technical research, achieving simplified evaluation workload and standard mutual recognition, cooperation project landing, academic discussion and publicity.

BRE is also actively developing BREEAM certification and training programs in Greater China. In the three years since the establishment of the office in China, BREEAM has more than 150 registered projects and more than 100 certified buildings in China, and more than 150 professional practitioners have been trained and accredited. At the same time, the CEEQUAL (Infrastructure Sustainability Assessment System) appraisers and BRE-trained BIM Level 2 professionals also experienced significant growth.

In the future, BRE will actively cooperate with domestic professional organizations to continuously expand BRE’s products and services in China, including CEEQUAL infrastructure sustainable development assessment system, EPD material testing and evaluation certification, and BIM information management professional training. Implement the three requirements put forward by Premier Li Keqiang and better integrate with the development of BRE.

About BRE

We are an innovative organization of researchers, scientists, engineers and technicians. Our goal is to provide a better built environment for people of different needs.

BRE’s predecessor was the Building Standards Research Department established by the British government. It was established in 1921 and was privatized in the 1990s. Currently, it is the UK’s largest charity in the construction sector, and its earnings will continue to fund its own and academic environment research.

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