Why have an innovation park?

The BRE Innovation Park Network has been established to inform sustainable development at a global level and stimulate innovation within the built environment.  With Parks established within the UK and China, and further facilities being developed in Brazil and Canada, the Innovation Park Network is unique in its approach, its global reach, and its impact.

What does it do?

The Innovation Parks feature full-scale demonstration buildings that have been developed by industry partners.  These buildings display innovative design, materials and technologies which combine to address the development challenges facing regions across the world.

What goes on?

Technology demonstration, research, testing training and dissemination are key activities which underpin the operation and development of the Innovation Park Network.  BRE works closely with a large number of partners from the academia, public and private sectors to shape out activities and ensure that these have a positive impact on the development community.

Gui’an Park

The Gui’an Innovation Park is being developed under the themes of energy, LID mode, smart city and cultural inheritance.

A grounds up approach to sustainable development

One of the key objectives of Gui’an Park will be to address issues around climate change. A ‘Sponge City’ will be created on the park, one that has good flexibility in adapting to environmental changes and responding to natural disasters. When it rains, Sponge City can absorb, store, seep and purify water, and release the stored water when it is necessary. Gui’an Innovation Park will make full use of such strategies and techniques.

Gui’an partners

Lead Developer: Tsinghua Holdings Human Settlement Construction Group (THHSCG)

Design and Construction Team: Tsinghua Holdings Human Settlement Construction Group (THHSCG)

Project Sponsors: Tsinghua Holdings Human Settlement Construction Group (THHSCG)

Product Suppliers and Construction Support:

  • Suzhou Royal Wood Industry Co., Ltd
  • Henan Tianfeng Group
  • Hanergy Holding Group
  • Shenfei Corporation Aluminum Curtain Wall Engineering Co., LTD
  • PanAsialum Holdings Company Limited
  • VELUX Group
  • NOVOFIBRE Panel Board Holding (China) Ltd.
  • JinkoSolar Holdings Co., Ltd.
  • Beijing Tsinghua Solar
  • Asea Brown Boveri Ltd.
  • EnviroSystems Engineering and Technology Co., Ltd.