BRE celebrates 100 years of world class innovation in the built environment

Today sees BRE begin the celebrations of its centenary as a pioneer in the built environment.

First formed in 1921 to carry out research into building materials and suitable methods of construction to build homes for heroes following the First World War, BRE has helped to transform the construction industry for the better.

Over the last 100 years, BRE has been at the forefront of driving innovation, testing and developing new concepts in the built environment and improving safety for the construction industry, through its independent testing and certification services.

Having started life as a government agency, BRE is now a profit-for-purpose organisation. Any profits from BRE’s work go to the BRE Trust, which invests in research projects for the public benefit, or are invested in upgrading our research facilities at the BRE Science Park.

Influential but independent and with a heritage of scientific rigour, the 100-year-old organisation is looking forward to the role it will play over the next 100 years, as the world adapts to meet the challenges of climate change.

Gillian Charlesworth, Chief Executive Officer at BRE said

“For over 100 years, BRE has been a guardian of the built environment and I’m hugely proud of what we’ve achieved.

“Our achievements to date are testament to the immense talent, passion and brilliant work of the people in our teams now and over the last 100 years, who continue to develop world-leading, science-led solutions to the most urgent issues of our time

“Today everyone at BRE is committed to tackling the world’s most difficult built environment challenges, from reducing carbon emissions stemming from construction and powering homes, to making our buildings more resilient and able to cope with a changing world.

“The next 100 years will define our future on this planet and BRE’s work, domestically and internationally, will be more important than ever.”

Phil Wilbraham, Chair of the BRE Trust, said:

“Looking back over the last century, it’s hard to find an element of the built environment in which BRE hasn’t played a major role. From the importance of good quality housing, to the materials we use, to adaptation to climate and social challenges, the work of BRE has been at the forefront of innovation.

“BRE has worked in collaboration with industry, academia and government to expand knowledge and push boundaries, all with our trademark rigour and commitment to science. I look forward to the contribution I know BRE can make in the decades to come.”

From improving fire safety to championing innovative building techniques, BRE has helped raise industry standards through its training, and certification programmes.

BRE also created the world’s leading sustainability program BREEAM, which has helped thousands of real estate, retail and construction companies positively impact the race to net zero, by assessing their building’s environmental, social and economic sustainability performance.

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