BREEAM KOL Interview Vol.05 | Yanjiong Liu


Yanjiong Liu 

Deputy Director of North Center, Marketing Director, CABR Shanghai

Graduated from Shanghai Tongji University in 2009 


BREEAM Professional qualification 


Senior Engineer 

Shanghai Green Building Review Expert 


BREEAM Project experience 

Hai Yue Mansion 

Jiaxing Xiuhu Impression Building 1-11 

White Peak Pegency Palace 

Zhongrui ECO CITY 

Penglai Mansion 


When did you first hear about BREEAM and what impression did it make on you? 


On January 1, 2011, I was fortunate to embark on the path of green building consulting. In 2017, with the opportunity of the Guangzhou complex project, I was exposed to the British BREEAM certification for the first time. As the world’s first green building evaluation system, compared with the American LEED certification system, BREEAM has higher certification flexibility and is more in line with my country’s green building evaluation system. Therefore, BREEAM has received more and more attention in China’s green building certification market. 



Talk about your impression and understanding of BREEAM 



Compared with other green building certification systems, the BREEAM certification system has its own “unique charm”! In the early stage of project development, ecological assessment of the site is carried out to reduce the damage to the original ecology by construction projects, and the ecological diversity of the site is reshaped through optimization of landscape design; life cycle assessment analysis and climate change adaptability are integrated in the conceptual design phase Analysis; In the design stage, humanized design requirements are put forward for thermal comfort, the toughness and durability of the building itself, indoor natural ventilation, and the health and safety standards of the water system in the building. 



How did you feel about your first BREEAM project? Many people say that the technology is difficult and the standards are hard to understand. Do you think that is true? 


Since 2018, with the excellent platform of China Construction Research Institute, I have the honor to participate in the consulting and certification work of many BREEAM projects. After that, through continuous learning and experience summing up, he became a BREEAM AP. 

The BREEAM certification analyzes and evaluates the nine chapters of management, transportation, materials, indoor and health, energy consumption, water consumption, waste, land, and pollution. Compared with other certification standards, it has supplemented the specific assessment chapter for the outdoor environment of buildings. At the same time, according to local conditions, weight coefficients can be formulated according to the comprehensive environmental conditions of the project location to make up for the pressure on the scores of certain provisions for projects in different climate zones. Make the certification work more reasonable, more flexible and more humane. Moreover, the BREEAM system also has “customized services”, which can meet the wishes of construction declarations for special formats. 

A friend once said to me: “As long as you have done a BREEAM certification project, you will fall in love with it.” Through personal experience, my answer is: “Yes!” In 2020,  Zhongrui Eco City, which I am in charge of (White Peak Pegency Palace) project was successfully awarded as “Housing Project of the Year Award”. This award is affirmation and motivation. I am sure that I have worked hard for more than ten years; I am inspired to continue to stay true to my original aspirations and move forward in the next ten years!